We've recently renamed Keyholders to Contacts. This change better represents what this section is used for. We've finding customers are adding more than just keyholders. Contacts is therefore more generic and should make it easier for new users to understand.

This section allows you to associate contacts to a site.

How to add a contact

  • Navigate to a site to bring in the site slider

  • Click on the 'Contacts' tab

  • Click 'Add Contact'

  • Fill in the details:

    • Name (required)

    • Email (Optional)

    • Phone (Optional)

    • Job Title (Optional)

  • Click 'Add Contact'

Re-order contacts

Once you have a list of contacts you can use the arrows on the left to re-order.

Toggle between Card view and Table view

By clicking the toggle on the top right, you can switch between card view and table view, in order to view larger numbers of contacts more easily.

Remove contact

To remove a contact, simply click the red remove button.

Bulk manage contacts

In order to bulk manage contacts rather than adding and removing one by one, you can use the bulk manage feature available here.

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