What is Event IQ?

Event IQ allows Security Professionals to create flexible and filterable Alarm Activation Reports within the CONXTD Platform, removing the pressures and pains of receiving static and time-consuming Excel Reports.

Select your Date Range

Select your date range, anywhere from a matter of days, all the way up to the past 12 months.

Select your Groups

Next, you can build your report by select which groups you want to include. You can select your Enterprise as a whole, or you can choose specific groups that you have access to.

Or... Select your specific sites

If you want to build your report based on a specific site, or a number of specific sites, you can select these within the Sites dropdown.

Select your alarm types

Finally, select which events you wish to draw from within the report. You can either select the Bundle or overarching type of alarm (eg. All types of alarms relating to Fire).

If you wish to be more granular and drill down to a specified alarm type, you can do so by finding the Bundle, then clicking the + symbol to open up all the alarms within the Bundle.

When you're happy with your selections, click Generate to build you own Alarm Activation Report.

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