Within the Enterprise Manager, you are able to manage the Keyholders you have created on bulk using an import & export feature for Microsoft Excel.

How it Works

To export your Keyholder, access the Enterprise Manager and hover over the Keyholders dropdown, the select Export.

This will start the download of your Keyholder data into an Excel spreadsheet. Once it's downloaded, open it up. The file should be called "[Name of your Enterprise] - Keyholder Data".

Each of these rows represent a Keyholder assigned to one of your sites. You will be able to note the Site Name they are allocated to, the position in the list they are, and finally, their contact information.

Add Keyholder

To add a Keyholder, create a new line in the Excel sheet making sure to note the site you want to assign. A top tip would be to create the new line underneath the current list of keyholders for the site you wish to Add, making it easy for you to copy the information across more easily.

Next, fill in Columns A-D by copy & pasting the information in to the correct fields (this is why creating the new row close to the existing entries comes in handy!).

Now you can fill in their Name, Job Title, Email and Phone Number, as well as what position you wish for the Keyholder to be placed. Make sure to leave the Modified and Unique Identifier blank.

Save this Excel Sheet, ready for importing.

How to Import Keyholder data

To import the latest Keyholder export, return to the Enterprise Manager, and under the Keyholders dropdown menus, select Import.

Here, you can select the file on your computer by selecting Browse, or drag and drop the file into this window to upload the file ready for import.

Once complete, click Upload to import the latest Keyholders into the system.

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