Stage 1 - Setup new user on Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye recommend setting up a new user to use with Integrations. This way you can lock down the scope of what the application has access to.

Open User Management and click on ‘Add User’

You’ll need to use a new email address or an email alias.

Select which cameras you want the application to have access to using the ‘Camera’s tab.

In the permissions tab, make sure the following are ticked :

  • Bridges and Cameras - this is required to associate a bridge to a site in CONXTD

  • View and Download Videos - this is required to enable CONXTD to associate events with video

We recommend setting a secure password using:

This will allow you to generate a secure password on your device and not sent over the internet (in-secure)

We recommend a length of at least 16 characters, but ideally 32.

Authorisation Process

At setup when the user enters their username and password we send this directly to Eagle Eye API. This provides us with a authorisation token which we can then use on any subsequent calls.

This Token expires after 2 weeks at which point the system re-authorises with Eagle Eye to generate a new token.

Stage 2 - CONXTD Setup

  • Login into CONXTD and navigate to the desired site

  • Click on the camera icon 'Manage Cameras' on the top left of the site view

  • Click ‘Connect to Eagle Eye’ from list

    • Eagle Eye login box appears.

    • User to enter Eagle Eye login details (from step above)

    • This will associate the Eagle Eye credentials with the CONXTD site.

  • Click ‘Add Location To Site’

  • A dropdown of locations associated to the user will be presented

    • User to select the location for the site

  • Click ‘Add Camera to Site’

  • A dropdown of cameras associated to the location will be presented

    • User to select the required camera

    • To add multiple cameras continue with adding first camera, then repeat step

  • Select the bundles to associate to the camera

    • When an event occurs within one of these bundles it will trigger the integration

    • On receipt of event, CONXTD will ask Eagle Eye for any video with movement at time of event.


  • When an event is received and within a bundle enabled for the feature:

    • We call Eagle Eye to ask for any video with motion at the time of the event

  • Any available video IDs are then stored against the site

  • When the user goes to the timeline

    • Name of the camera is displayed

    • Video box

    • Eagle Eye logo

  • The user can then view the video

Camera Settings

There are various camera settings within the Eagle Eye platform which can can have an affect on the operation of the integration.

Preview Video

Resolution -

  • Best if set to ‘std’

    • Only uses 85kbps is quick to load, and still good quality.

  • High uses over 300kbps and takes substantially longer to load. Quality is very good, but the load times make it unusable

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