Endless possibilities

Event IQ enables you to search up to 1 year worth of data and filter however you want.

Suggested use-cases:

  • All events for specific sites for a month

  • All Intruder activations for the whole group over the last 3 months

  • Open / Close data containing the name ‘Tom’ for the last year

  • All comments added within a month

  • All events for a specific site for a defined date range

Select Date range

  • Use the pre-selects on the left to quickly select a date range

  • Or use the calendar interface to create a custom search

    • When searching all events on a group you can select up to a month

    • If you specify a specific event or select a range of sites you can search up to 1 year

Select Group

  • Use the dropdown to select the group to search

    • Selecting a group will filter the site list below - which makes it easier if you are looking for specific sites

  • The list includes the tree structure

    • Child groups can be revealed by click the ‘+’ icon

  • Start typing the name of the group to filter the list

Select Sites (Optional)

Reports can be ran on groups, but to find specific data one or more sites can be selected

  • Select one or multiple sites, by clicking the check boxes

  • Start typing the name of the site to filter the list

Select Events (Optional)

By leaving empty the report will search all events. However to find specific data you can select to search certain event bundles or even certain events.

  • Select one or multiple event by clicking the check boxes

  • The list includes the bundle tree structure

    • Specific events can be found by click the ‘+’ icon to open a bundle

  • Start typing the name of the event to filter the list

    • If two events show, click the bottom one, the first may be the name of the bundle

Text - Optional

The text field is to search the panel text section of an event. For example, with Open / Close events the user’s fob name is usually in this section. By typing in the name of a user, you can see all the times up to 1 year of when they Opened / Closed the site.

You can leave this blank on the initial search, but as you see the results you can use this field to further enhance your investigations.

Run report

Once you are happy with your selections click ‘Get report data’ this will trigger the request.

  • A load bar will appear

    • Note - Larger requests will take a few seconds to return

  • Filter the results by typing in the table headers

  • Export to Excel using the ‘Export’ button

  • Click on a site to view the site slider for more information

  • Amend your search by changing the Date range, Groups, Sites, Events and Text to further your investigation

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