Due to an issue related to the tracking system of Open / Close events within the platform, sites which closed between 17:30 and 18:45 on 24/03/22 were not tracked properly. No events were missed, but the site status may not be correct and therefore some sites may appear open on the dashboard, when they are actually closed.

The Close report is unaffected and will show the sites which have closed.

Learn more about the close report here

The issue will be visible on the dashboard where the Close filter may show a smaller number, whereas the latest event filter shows the more realistic number of sites which have closed.

On the site list it will show as below. The padlock confirms the latest event is Locked.

On Site view the big event in the middle shows the latest event and confirms the site is locked

Under 'alarm bundles' the Open - Close bundle will show the latest event related to Open / Close. If this is a padlock the site is closed.

We will review the system to understand what happened and work to prevent from occurring again.

Apologies for an inconvenience caused.

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