How does SMS work?

CONXTD offers an SMS service that allows you to keep up to date with your site's alarm activity on the go. Receive any event within CONXTD's alarm library to multiple phone numbers, giving you the key information you need to keep your assets safe.

By purchasing SMS bundles, you can determine the number of SMS's you have at your disposal. Choose between SMS bundles ranging between 500 to 100,000.

How to top up your SMS

You can enable your site for SMS by following the webform below. Input your Site Name and Contract Number and the SMS Bundle you wish to purchase, and we will activate your account.

What do the warning emails mean?

We will email you when you are reaching your SMS limit. This is the overall limit of the SMS Bundle you purchased.

You will receive an email when you are 75%. 90% and 100% through your SMS Bundle, giving you enough time to top-up and keep sending your messages.

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