With Enterprise Manager, admins have the ability to request an export of either the whole enterprise or specific groups of sites.

Simply navigate to the group required in enterprise manager and click export in the top right.

Note - if more than 500 sites in the group, your export will be emailed to you shortly.


Once the export has been received, the admin has the ability to update address details and custom fields in bulk.

Once complete navigate to the main enterprise manager page and click import.

Either drag and drop or select your file and click Upload.

The system will start to process this in the background and you will get an email with feedback on whether the import was successful or if changes are required.

Why would an import fail?

If an import fails, the email will detail where it failed so you can simply make the relevant amendments and re-import.

If you keep having issues, feel free to click on the blue help button in the bottom right of the page and start a chat with the CONXTD support team who will be happy to help you.

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