We have been working hard to give you the tools to manage your assets more effectively. That is why we are excited to release the Enterprise Manager, for admin users to manage Sites and Groups within CONXTD.

Here's a quick look at the new features:

Move sites and groups

With this latest update, you can create and populate the grouping structure with sites within your account. Once added, you can move or duplicate sites into new and existing groups across your account.

Edit Site information

Easily access the site information using a new table interface. Action new changes to site information like Address, Transmitter or Contract Numbers.


Who can access this new feature?

The new feature has been limited to a small number of Admin users for your platform. Anyone under the Admin level access to the platform cannot access this feature.

Can I remove sites from the platform completely?

In a word, no. You can remove sites from groups within your account, but these sites are stored in what we call the Root group. This is a pool where all sites live, and you can draw from for sites to display on your account.

Can I add or remove reports to CONXTD?

Not at the moment. This is on our roadmap though, and will be a part of the Enterprise Manager.

Can I add new connections to CONXTD?

Not currently. This is a tool that is our radar, and will be added to the Enterprise Manager soon.

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