CONXTD’s alarm decoding engine has been extended to identify all Areas within an intruder alarm system, allowing you to track individual area activity more effectively.

Arming and Disarming Area’s within your alarm system will be tracked in the Area Viewer, simplifying the process of checking a site’s status using CONXTD’s colourful dashboard and icon library!

How it works

Area Tracker Button

The Area Viewer will automatically appear against your sites when CONXTD detect area activity.

Clicking on the Areas button reveals the Area Viewer, which breaks down the status of each area within your intruder alarm system using CONXTD's icon and colour library!

How you use it

The Area Viewer is broken down into 2 sections

Site Status

The top section shows the status of Area 01 (Perimeter), giving an overall site status.


Areas shows the breakdown of each specific area within your alarm system. We also note the date of the most recent activity within that area, and the time it occurred.

Partial Open and Partial Close are terms used across the CONXTD platform specifically to describe the status of an Area.

How do I set it up?

This an an automatic feature that will activate after we receive specific Area alarms from your intruder alarm system. In short, no set-up necessary!

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