Managing physical assets like fridges and freezers presents a real challenge for grocery businesses and supermarket chains. The importance of maintaining and monitoring freezers is fundamental to success, as one unit can hold thousands of pounds of stock at a time.

How CONXTD can help

By linking your freezer systems to CONXTD, you can gain an incredible amount of insight into the status of your assets.

When your freezer goes into alarm, the event will appear in red on your site's timeline. With 30 days history to look through, you can keep up-to-date on how frequently, and for how long, your site goes into failure.

What does the reminder do?

The Freezer Reminder can be applied to any site that signals freezer events to add an extra layer of control across your entire estate.

When a freezer goes into alarm, you can activate the reminder to notify you when the unit has been in failure for a set amount of time. Starting at 5 minutes, an extra event will appear on your timeline to identify a potential risk.

How can I get notified?

The Freezer Reminders can be applied to any of your existing devices with the current notification channels. Set up notifications via Email, Desktop and Mobile Push and Slack Channel.

For more information on this feature, please get in contact with the Professional Services Team on Intercom.

The guide to set-up Freezer Reminders can be found here!

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