CONXTD Architecture

CONXTD was originally part of WebWay and therefore the system shared a lot of their infrastructure. Following the sale of WebWay to CSL Group and then the further separation away from CSL Management, the CONXTD platform has slowly been migrating into our own management using cloud platforms.

  • In August 2019 we migrated our database into a cloud based platform called Digital Ocean. This provided high availability and automatic redundancy on the database.

  • During 2019 all our frontend and most of our development systems were migrated to Digital Ocean.

As the next step in our cloud journey we have selected IBM Cloud as our provider. As we grow it will provide the resilience and performance our customers demand.

  • In June 2019 we migrated our main server to IBM cloud.

CONXTD Cloud Strategy

Cloud providers, such as Digital Ocean and IBM Cloud, remove the complication of managing physical servers while providing high redundancy and resilience as part of their service. This allows us as a platform to focus on our developing new features and functionality for a customers while confident that our systems have the highest availability possible.

When all our systems are on the cloud we will be able to fully benefit from:

  • Automatic scaling as event traffic increases during busy periods such as morning and evening as systems open / close

  • Improved redundancy and resilience

  • Improved system monitoring

  • Ability to easily increase system with growth

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