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Relating to 2nd June 2020

Server migration process as part of a longer term strategy of providing higher reliability, resilience and scaleability.


One of our data centre suppliers planned to carry out a migration of services to a new server. A live migration method was selected to reduce possibility of disruption in service and tests were carried out on development systems which were all successful.

CONXTD posted messages on the platform to warn users of the work, but stated a disruption in service was not expected. The expected run time of the work was up to 12 hours and was scheduled over night to reduce impact of any unexpected disruption.

The migration began at 17:19 on 1st June and the system was operating as expected. In the early hours of 2nd June we started to see the system was processing events slower than usual. As the migration continued to progress the impact on the processing increased.

During the final stages of migration the process unfortunately failed. The processing power of the system then returned to normal and the outstanding queue of event was processed.

Why is the migration necessary

CONXTD Architecture

CONXTD was originally part of WebWay and therefore the system shared a lot of their infrastructure. Following the sale of WebWay to CSL Group, and then the further separation away from CSL Management, the CONXTD platform has slowly been migrating into our own management using cloud platforms.

• In August 2019 we migrated our database into a cloud based platform call Digital Ocean. This provided high availability and automatic redundancy on the database,

• During 2019 all our frontend and most of our development systems were migrated to Digital Ocean.

The system remaining in the WebWay data centres is the live backend processing system and a development version of this. This is the core section which manages the main processes of the system including processing events and sending out as notifications.

We have plans to migrate this into the cloud as well, but CSL Group also had plans to migrate all their services from one data centre to the other. Due to the timeframes we decided to proceed with CSL Group’s migrations and then following this we would move our section into our cloud platform.

CONXTD Cloud Strategy

Cloud providers, such as Digital Ocean, remove the complication of managing physical servers while providing high redundancy and resilience as part of their service. This allows us as a service provider 05/06/20 CONXTD Technologies Ltd of 1 2 Maintenance Report to focus on developing new features and functionality for our customers while remaining confident that our systems have the highest availability possible.

When all our systems are on the cloud we will be able to fully benefit from:

• Automatic scaling as event traffic increases during busy periods such as morning and evening as systems open / close

• Improved redundancy and resilience

• Improved system monitoring

• Ability to easily increase system with growth


We apologise for the inconvenience of this issue.

Following the failed attempt, we will be discussing further plans with CSL Group. We will suggest that we migrate to our cloud platform instead of a repeat attempt of a live migration to their new data centre.

We have discussed and agreed a process internally to ensure our migration keeps user disruption to an absolute minimum. Rather than do a live migration, in the background we will build a new instance of the system on our cloud platform. We will then stop the event processing, switch over to the new server and start the processing within 15 minutes. We will schedule this out of hours at the weekend to ensure minimum disruption.

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