This is a quick start guide on how to enable a notification rule for a specific site.

Firstly, find the site you wish to apply a specific notification rule, and click on it to show the side menu bar:

Next, click on the Bell icon at the top left hand side of the side menu:

Clicking the Bell icon will open your Notification Manager, where all previous rules for your site will appear. To add a new rule, simply click Add New:

Next, you select what type of notification you wish to receive. For this example, we will set up a Push Notification to a Mobile Device. Select your device from the dropdown menu below:

Once you have selected your device, you can choose what events you want to be notified about. Select between some popular examples, fully customise with specific events, or select all events.

For this example, I would like to receive notifications for all events:

When you are happy, click Save Rule, and your notification rule will be ready to go.

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