Understanding your Dashboard
A quick start guide for understanding the main dashboard page
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The CONXTD dashboard provides an overview of your current number of sites, how they are grouped and what alarm states they are in. Events are posted onto the platform in next to real-time, with an auto refresh of 30 seconds ensuring your are up-to-date on your estate's activity. 

Here's a brief breakdown of the elements on the page:  

Live Stats 

Sites - The number of sites across your entire account. As sites are added and removed, this number will update live,

High Activity -  Sites that have submitted an abnormal amount of alarms during an hour can be filtered here, 

Close - Sites that have closed can be filtered here,

In Alarm
- Sites that are currently in an alarm state can be filtered here,

Smart filtering

Clicking the icons will set a filter across the entire CONXTD platform, enabling you to identify potential security risks even faster.  

Hovering over the filtering bar will give you a focused breakdown of the current alarm states across your estate. Very handy when quickly serveying multi-site customers at once. 

Priority Reports

Jump quickly to the reports that matter most, right within the main dashboard page. What reports are displayed here are entirely up to you. Or click on "View All" to access the full analytics dashboard. 

Site Groups 

Organise your sites into groups as you see fit. Commonly ordered by region or Loss Prevention Manager, you can group your sites together in the most efficient way for your business. 

See more on how the Site Overview page is structured by reading our Understand your Group Dashboard guide.

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