A new year; a new look for CONXTD!ย 

Today we have launched our new UI for CONXTD alarm reporting and the Pro Analytics! We have kept the structure youโ€™re familiar with, but made a load of improvements and added some new functionality!ย 

Letโ€™s take you through the key features:ย 

Alarm reporting, Pro Analytics: One login

Many of you asked, and we have listened. The new UI incorporates the alarm management and analytics platforms together, so no more jumping between login pages.ย 

Intelligent filtering across the entire platform

The dashboard icons showing the number of sites in alarm, closed and in high-activity have been updated. Now, clicking on the icons will filter your entire CONXTD app to only show the events that matter.ย 

A new look for the Site Overview

The updated site view for individual events enables you to easily navigate the platform, whilst accessing the core event data you need.ย 

Site-by-site event tables

By accessing the new Site Overview, choose between seeing alarms in a timeline, or the new table view.ย 

Why not check out our guide on how to invite your colleagues to CONXTD?ย 

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