Each time you land on a new page or a button is clicked and a new page is navigated
to, the latest information is loaded from the server. 

If a user stays on a page, the platfrom is configured to automatically refresh the data every 30 seconds. 


If you suspect that auto-refresh is not wokring as expected follow the steps below:

Log out and back in again
This will usually fix common issues as it generates a new session ID. 

Advanced Troubleshooting

To confirm whether your browser is allowing the auto-refresh requests to trigger through to the server, follow the steps below. 

Please note, by contacting CONXTD support, we can arrange for remote access into your computer, so that our engineers can perform these steps for you. However, if remote access is not avaliable, the steps below will tell you what to do and what to look for. 

Ensure you are logged into CONXTD and on the dashboard

Checking the Browser Console

  1. Right click, then click Inspect

2. Click on the Consoles tab

3. Now wait and watch the section under consoles.

Every 30 seconds new lines of information will appear and a 'Load Count' will start to increment to indiciate the number of times the page is refreshing. 

The below example shows that it has refreshed 4 times, meaning the paricular user was on the page for 2 minutes. 

Checking the browser network details

An alertnative way to check this is using the Network tab. 

  1. Right click, then click Inspect

2. Click the arrow next to Sources, then Network from the list. 

3. One on the network tab, refresh the page (Ctrl + R), as the page elements load the Network page list will fill up. Once the page has loaded, awaiting autofreshing to start. 

A single number (in the example below 24) will be added to the list every 30 seconds. This confirms autofresh is active. 

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