Be the first to know about alarm activity across your estate by enabling notifications for your Internet Browser.  

Whether you are on the move, or holding the fort in the office, you can configure notifications to any of your working or personal devices. 

How to set up your browser notifications 

To set up Browser notifications, you first need to register your device with us (to confirm we are sending the data to the correct place!).

To register, click on the purple bell icon at the bottom left-hand side of your Enterprise screen. 

*Once you click register, a pop-up should appear in your browser to confirm. When you accept, you should receive a notification saying "device registered".

How to configure your browser notifications

Next, please click on the purple bell icon again for more information. You will receive a link to go to our AppStore to configure how and when you want the notifications to display.

Once on the AppStore, click on your Enterprise icon named "notification rules". This is where you configure all notifications, such as mobile, email and Slack

To confirm when you want to receive your notifications, you need complete the notification manager. A definition of what the column's mean can be found below. 

To finish, click "Add Rule(s)"! 

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