This guide outlines the information we need to get your Xanview App online. With a few minutes of preparation, the configuration of the CCTV Verification App takes a matter of moments to apply. 

For this process, you will need access to:

  • CONXTD Enterprise,

  • Your Xanview Timeline.

login to CONXTD Enterprise

Firstly, login to the Appstore. The link can be found on the left hand menu bar:

By clicking on the AppStore, and selecting the Xanview App, you will find the App description and the Set-Up form. Please pop your details into the form, which will speed up the set-up process! We will get in contact to discuss the next section of the guide.. 

Login to your Xanview Timeline

We needed 3 pieces of information to get the Xanview App online. 

The name of your site
We need to match the site on the Xanview Timeline with your site on CONXTD Enterprise. To do this, you need to specify the site in question you want the Xanview App to integrate with. To find the site name on Xanview, select the name on the menu bar on the right hand side: 

Timeline API Token
This can be accessed by clicking on the Settings -> User Tab -> User (you account) -> API Details

Camera ID's you wish to integrate with
This can be accessed by clicking Settings -> Cameras -> Your chosen Camera.

At the top of the page, in the URL, is the Camera's ID: 

We need the long sequential code at the end of the URL. 

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