Gain real-time insights into fire alarm activity using the CONXTD Analytics Platform. View the latest Fire Tests, or track trends in alarm activity over time with cloud-storage data. 

The Fire Test Report

Using the Fire Test Report will enable you to keep track of Fire Test Activations across your entire portfolio. Using our Fire Scheduler, you can input your existing fire schedules per site to receive accurate updates on which sites have completed a fire test.

Using timeframe filters, you can determine early, late or on-time Fire testing on a site-by-site basis. We even include the alarm description, straight from the alarm panel, to ensure you can identify the correct event. 

The Fire Exception Report

Address trends in alarm activity over a longer period using the Fire Exception Report. Identify sites that fail to complete their Fire Activation Tests over a weekly and monthly format. 

Live data stream

With Pro, there's no need to wait for scheduled reports. Access the platform at any time to view the latest reports, whilst keeping the full Enterprise history of alarm data in the bank. 

Intelligent Exports

We store all the data for you, but you may need physical copies. Export all of our reports to PDF or Excel. 

Emailed Reports

On the go and haven’t got time to review your weeks activations? Receive a key breakdown of the day’s activity to your email, with a link to the full report for later viewing. 

Fire Test Reminders

Receive email notifications to remind you that a fire test is coming up. We’ll also send a subsequent reminder to let you know you’re late! 

Dark Mode 

Early riser or Night Owl? Either way, a bright, white screen can be a real headache in low-light. But on CONXTD, we have optimised the platform for Dark Mode to make sure you can access your data at all hours, in all light conditions. 

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