We have been busy improving the Enterprise App so it better compliments and more accurately replicates the power of the browser features. 

Here's a look at what you can do on the Enterprise App:

Multi-Tiered Grouping Structure

Replicate the multi-tiered structure you utilise on the Enterprise browser.

Tip: Using the Multi-Tiered Structure means you can more easily allocate logins to certain areas of your Enterprise. Rather than giving full Enterprise access, users can be restricted to a set number of groups. 

Full Enterprise Search

Trouble locating sites? Use the Full Enterprise Search to quickly locate the site you need. The white tab in the middle of the icon shows which group it's in. 

Xanview Video Verification 

Identify genuine security risks or outline faults in your alarm system with the Xanview App on the CONXTD AppStore, now available on the Enterprise App. For more information, see our guide here.

Custom Enterprise Logos

Display your company logo on the Enterprise App to give the App a more local feel. Get in touch to show your logo 📧 services@conxtd.com. 

For more information, please get in contact with the Professional Services Team! 

📧 support@conxtd.com
📞 01635 783046

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