Whether you are a potential customer on a 2 week trial, or have signed up to use our Enterprise Platform, the Professional Services Team have a role to play in formatting your data just how you want it. 

This article outlines how we get you online and using our platform, what data we need from you, and how we use it to create your bespoke Enterprise experience. 

What we offer you

On our secure servers, we have a list of sites from when your signalling device was first installed. We know that sites change names, or even close completely, therefore we need your help to confirm the details are correct. 

Firstly, we will ask you to complete a document to confirm the number of sites is correct, and the site information is up-to-date. 

This will include:

  • Store/Branch/Site name

  • Store/Branch/Site ID 

  •  Line of address 

  • Town

  • Postcode

  • Country Code (Where applicable). 

  • Store Opening and Close Times 

Please Note: If your company use their own formatted spreadsheets or filing system to hold site information, and are happy to share this with us, The Professional Services Team will easily accommodate for any format. The Team will arrange the information into an easily-read format for our system to process.  

What we need from you

Included in the Site Details Document is a section to input your custom data that is meaningful to your business. This can range from Store or Branch ID's, to Installer Contract Numbers and Area Codes. Whatever information helps keep your business secure, we can display on your Enterprise: 

Regions and Groups

CONXTD Enterprise structures your sites into layers of Groups, much like a family tree. At the top of the tree could sit your Regions, split into North, South, Scotland, etc, etc. The Enterprise can then cascade down into Areas or Districts as you click through the icons. 

This, of course, is completely down to you. We can map your Enterprise into a structure that best compliments your own administration. To do this, we will create a tree diagram based on the information you give us.

Custom ID's 

Site, Group and Region ID's are increasingly important in security. On Enterprise, we can be flexible in displaying: 

  • Regional and Group ID's,

  • Regional and Group Data Fields (for Loss Prevention or Regional Manager information),

  • Site ID's 

For information on getting users set up, and managing what information they can access, please see the guide here

To get the ball rolling, please get in touch with the Professional Services Team! 

📞+44 (0)1635 783046

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