Ensure you have downloaded the CONXTD Enterprise app on your iPhone or Android device. 

Setting up notifications

Once you have downloaded and logged into your CONXTD account visit launchpad.conxtd.com and login with your existing account details.

  1. Click on 'Notification Rules' below your Enterprise

You will be presented with the Notification Manager 

The channel you'd like to send the notification to

2. Select 'Push notification' from the dropdown.

If you have multiple devices link to your CONXTD account, these will appear here (for example if you have both an iPhone and iPad both with the Enterprise App). 

3. Select the device you would like to configure notifications for.

Click Select Groups - this will show the groups you have access to within your Enterprise. 

4. To send events from all Sites select either the Master Group or Root. Alternatively if you only want to receive events for a particular group, select an individual group.

Easy Set up

5. To receive all events leave the next 3 options set to All. Alternatively you can fully customise to only receive the events important to you.

Custom Setup:

Bundle CONXTD splits alarm events into different groups based on their type. 

For example all events related to Open and Close are within the Open - Close bundle. Selecting this will mean your Slack Channel will only receive Open Close events. 

Select All to receive all events or a particular bundle. 

Alarm ClassThis is another way we categorise events. For example if you select Faults we will only send events related to Faults. 

Select All to receive all events or a particular class. 

Alarm Colour
We use colour as a way of determine the intensity of the events. 

For example:
failRed = In alarm
alertOrange = something you should be aware of 

Select All to receive all events or a particular colour. 

6. When complete click Add Rule to save. 

View all devices

To keep track of all the devices you have logged into CONXTD and are available for push notifications visit the App Store where you can view active services under 'My Apps'. Simply click 'View Devices' to see the list. 

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