May 2019 release of new features and functionality for CONXTD Enterprise on the Browser!

Let's take you through it:

New Multi-Tiered Group Management Structure

A more detailed way of managing your estate! Categorise your sites into the new Multi-tiered grouping structure to better reflect your organisation. Delve down into Regions, Areas, Districts or Loss Prevention Manager catchments. 

*Top tip: Organising your sites with the new tree structure will better enable you to manage user access. Give more specific access to sites with a theoretically unlimited number of groups!  

Custom data displayed at Group Level

Provide important information at the very forefront of the Enterprise Platform. 1 click can identify key actors in your Loss Prevention network. 

Full Enterprise Site Search

The new Enterprise Search feature enables you to find the information you need fast. Best used to search for sites you are aware of but need to locate quickly, or for general searches of areas. 

Site-by-Site Keyholder information

Last, but certainly not least, is the Keyholder information page for Enterprise. Store up to 12 keyholders per site, with the ability to add, remove, and prioritise keyholders. 

For more information on how to utilise these features, get in touch with the Professional Services Team! 

📞 01635 783046

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