At the top of the Dashboard page, you might have noticed a graph or two. Don't let the position on the page fool you! The Site Status Pies are a very useful tool in getting to grips with the general status of your Enterprise. These charts run from live alarm data, so will react in real-time to changes in status. Read on to see how we use your data to display trends in your estate:

The Open and Close Status 

A slide to show the ratio between Open and Close sites. But also to show the portion of sites that was class as "Unknown". 

Unknown sites are those that have not submitted an Open or Close event in the last 4 weeks. This Pie can identify broader exceptions to the rule. Giving you a cause to ask whether there are faults in your security system. 

Current Alarm States

A slide to show a general overview of the current alarm states across your Enterprise. Understand the portion of sites currently in alarm, or determine the conversion of sites that have since restored. 

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