It's no coincidence that CONXTD Enterprise is an incredibly visual and colourful platform to interact with your alarm data! Enterprise was built to manage large quantities of information, made easier by clever formatting, serious number-crunching, and an intuitive and engaging display.ย 

Key to this is the colour scheme and icon system that, once mastered, helps you identify themes and outline anomalies more effectively.

The Colours

The CONXTD Colours allow you to identify the status of the event, making it easier for you to determine the difference between a site that's in alarm and a site that has restored. ย 

Here are the Colours of CONXTD, with a key to help you identify their meaning:

There are an increasing number of alarm types out there, but the CONXTD library is kept up-to-date to ensure each alarm is displayed correctly.ย 

The Icons

The CONXTD Icons indicate the exact nature of the event. Each event type has it's own Icon, which coupled with the Colour, will give you more insight into a potential security risk.

Below are the CONXTD Icons, with their descriptions:

ย  ย 

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