The Panic Exception Report is a new addition to the Analytics Engine.

Clearly track which sites have conducted their Panic Alarm Test, but more importantly, which sites have not.

The Pie Chart provides a visual overview of the percentage of sites that have tested the Panic Equipment. 

The Table View displays the list of sites that have not completed their monthly PA Test. This table is exportable to CSV, Excel and Print.

Where to find it

The Report can be found on your Enterprise Dashboard. For now, this is a mandatory feature on the CONXTD Dashboard, however in the future this report will be configured by you. 

The Future

At the moment, you can view last months report for Panic Exceptions, but we are working on archiving and displaying your full site history. 

Also, this report shows Panic Exceptions. But this is just the start. Over the coming weeks and months, this report will be extended to accommodate any type of SIA event.  So get in touch to recommend the type of report that would be most meaningful for you and your business! 

Write us a message on the Intercom Chat, or get in contact by phone or email!

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