Inviting colleagues to view your Enterprise has never been easier, with the updated User Management Feature! Here's how it works:

Access levels 

Select what level of access you want to give your colleagues. Decide between access to the full Enterprise structure, or by selecting specific groups. Click on the User Access icon, under the options column, to confirm your selection.

Email Invitations

Email domain names are locked down to just a handful, to keep your Enterprise as secure as possible. Select which email domain you wish to use, and complete the email address you wish to send.

Fill in your colleague's name and details, paying close attention to Role and Analytics.

The Role will determine what commands they can use with the Admin areas of the Enterprise, like adding and removing users from your Enterprise. A quick explanation of the User Roles can be found here. 

Click Invite.. 

..And you have successfully invited a colleague to Enterprise! They should receive an email invitation in the next few minutes. 

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