In Loss Prevention and Risk Management, the quality and usability of your data is critical in managing risks to your assets.

It is relatively easy to monitor a vast array of data-points with today's technology, but what use is there if you fail to convert these insights into the fuel that will drive your business forward?ย 

The Goal

At CONXTD, we have one goal; simplify complicated data-points, translate tricky alarm signalling jargon and provide useful insights in next to real-time. All so you can reduce your reliance on cumbersome and often time-consuming spreadsheets.

What we need from you to make this happen:

To help us transform your data, we need a little help from you to get us started.ย 

We have your raw site data stored on our servers, but we need more information about your estate to fill in the blanks.

Any information you can give us about your sites and organisational structure is valuable to us, but below is an example of how we format your data:

Note the "Custom Data" fields! We can display any number of fields including data that is meaningful to you and your business.

Contract No's, Store ID's, Regional ID's and LP Managers can be displayed on your Enterprise to help identify and manage your assets as efficiently as possible.

If in doubt, you can always phone the Professional Services Team for guidance on how to format your data.ย 

Get in touch:

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