If your installer has enabled remote set / unset you will get see a swipe button on your site on CONXTD.

The direction and the colour of the slide (along with the site) shows which state the system is currently in.

To remotely set / unset the system:

1. Tap the slider

2. The site will go grey as the request is being sent

3. If the request has been successful a green success bar will appear, but the site will stay grey

4. The grey will disappear when the open / close alarm is received - updating the alarm in the middle, the background colour and the alarm number will increase

5. If notifications are turned on, a notification of the event will be delivered

To be sure the request has completed tap into the site and check the latest alarm in the timeline.

Note - You must wait for confirmation and not assume it is completed.

If unsuccessful or the red banner shows then please view troubleshooting.

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