The Analytics and Reporting feature within CONXTD Enterprise displays your data in a number of different formats. Understanding these formats will allow you to get the most out of your data, and in turn, enables you to make more informed decisions.

The Pie 

The Pie Chart provides a simple arrangement of alarm data for Window Reports, however is a very important first-glance tool to identify irregularities across your Enterprise.

The Manhattan 

Where the Pie is used for quick-checks, the Manhattan Graph allows are more incisive look into the specified timeframe of the report. Allocate ideal, early and late times to tailor the report to fit your business requirements.

Reactive Table View

Filter what information you view by selecting the icons at the top of the table. Arrange sites by Early, On-Time, Late or Failed events. These parameters are fully customisable, and can be configured to best filter to the type of information you wish to manage.

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