Accessing CONXTD
To login on desktop browser please go to and click login.
On iOS or Android, please download the app from the relevant app store then tap login.

How to login
Enter your email address and password which you entered in the sign up process.

If you have forgotten your password please click the 'Lost password' button and follow the on screen instructions.

If you are still having issues, please provide more details of the issue you are experiencing.

When logging in, if the CONXTD website or app is not responding as expected, then there may be an issue with the way the account has been set up.


After login the website / app keeps reloading in a loop.


This usually indicates that the account has not gone through the set up process. When invited to CONXTD, the user receives an email containing a unique link which must be clicked in order to set up the account and link the site to be viewed by that user.

Clicking 'Accept' in the You've been invited to join CONXTD' confirms to us that your email address is correct, and starts the set up process to create the relevant data links within the system. If this is not done, then the account may not work as expected.

If you do not click the link in the email, but instead follow the change password link on the login page and then login. Your account has not been activated properly and therefore will not work.


Find the original 'You've been invited to join CONXTD' email and click the 'Accept' button. You will be taken to a page where you can set up your password and then customise the site you have access to.

If you cannot find the email please check your spam / junk filter for an email from If you are still unable to find the email, please contact your installer or submit a ticket.

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