If you are not receiving push notifications follow the steps below.

1. Ensure you have the iOS app downloaded and have logged into your CONXTD account.

(You do not have to have the app open to receive notifications, but you do need to have logged in at some point prior to receiving the notification.)

2. Check iOS Notification settings are set up to allow CONXTD Notifications

a) Go to Settings on iPhone

b) Tap Notifications

c) Find CONXTD in list and tap on it

d) Check Allow Notifications is selected

3. Check the notification manager for each premises you want to receive notifications from. Click here to view guide on enabling notifications.

4. If you are still experiencing issues - Log out and back into the app. On login the app will communicate with our servers and check your device is registered for notifications.

a) Within the app tap your user image in the top right

b) From the drop down menu tap Logout

c) This will take you to the login screen

d) Enter your details and log back into CONXTD

e) Test notifications

4. If you are still experiencing problems submit a ticket and we will have a look for you.

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