The Analytical Reports feature within CONXTD Enterprise generates tailored daily, weekly or monthly reports based on alarm trends. Configure your reports to get valuable insight into broader trends across your Enterprise. Reports and graphs can be created by tracking any SIA Alarm, and can be formatted in a number of ways.

CONXTD Enterprise offers two types of reports:

Window Reports

This type of report records alarm information from within a specified timeframe. Gain more focused insight into your alarm activity by setting bespoke timing parameters that are meaningful to your business. 

Tip: You can input the ideal opening or close times, and track which locations open early, late or fail to open altogether.

Occurrence Reports

Whereas the Window Report displays alarm activity within a specific timeframe, the Occurrence Report takes a broader view of alarm events over a 24 hour timeframe. Discover trends in alarm information, or identify irregularities throughout the day with a wider scope of alarm reporting. 

Customise the report start- time to fit in with your schedule. Reports run from a specified day in the week, as well as an allocated time of day.

Get to grips with the data by viewing our graphs and tables features.

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