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This article refers to a problem where the alarm detail or the SIA description from the panel does not appear in with the alarm on CONXTD.

Below shows 2 alarms. The right one includes the SIA description from the panel, where as the left is missing.

This is due to the use of special characters in the description. The use of '/' within the description can cause issues when displaying on CONXTD. It varies with alarms and placement of '/' within the alarm. Generally if the character appears directly after a letter like 'JOHN/ SMITH' this causes issue. However if it is at the start of a letter like 'CONFIRM /riO2' then this may work.

Solution: We are constantly analysing alarm strings to improve CONXTD, as such this issue may get resolved as part of CONXTD development, but the current advice is: Avoid using special characters in the description.

About displaying alarms and descriptions on the timeline

When displaying an event on the timeline in CONXTD, the original alarm from the panel is first analysed to locate the SIA code and match it to CONXTD's end user translation.

So for the alarm below, the original alarm string which is sent to the Alarm Receiving Centre is:

[#990009|Nti11:14/id2/OP|UNSET LAURA]

CONXTD analyses, takes the SIA code OP and uses this to match up the End User text, colour and icon.

CONXTD also takes the SIA description (usually the user detail set in the panel) and displays this below (UNSET LAURA).

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