This process is for both new users and existing users accepting an invitation to view a premies on CONXTD.

You are able to setup either in a browser on your computer, or on your mobile device through the CONXTD App.

Please Note: You must download and install the CONXTD App before accepting the email invitation to view a premises. Please search for CONXTD within the App Store on your chosen device. Once the App is downloaded and installed, you are ready to access the CONXTD App's features.


To view a premises on CONXTD, you will need to be invited by email. This is managed either by the alarm installer, or you can also be referred by a friend.

Email invite

1. Find the email in your inbox with the subject 'You've been invited to join CONXTD!' from If you have not received the email, please check your spam filter / junk mailbox.

2. Click Accept.

2a. If you are on desktop, you will be linked to your internet browser,

2b. If you are on a Smart Phone and have the CONXTD app installed, you will be asked to continue the registration in the app - please select Yes.

If the invitation URL cannot be found, or you are presented with a blank screen, the chances are you have not downloaded the App. If so, please head to your devices App Store, and complete the above process.

New User - Setup Password

3a. You will be directed to the Welcome Page, that displays your name, email address and password.

3b. On iPhone, If you get to the login screen, you need to close the app (double tap home and slide app up) then click the link in the email again to get to the welcome screen.

Enter your password twice to confirm. Passwords must be at least eight characters with the following requirements; One uppercase Letter, One lowercase Letter and one Number. (e.g P4ssword)

Existing User - Login

3c. If you have already registered with a CONXTD account, and are being invited to view another premises, you will be taken to the login screen.

Enter your password and click Login. You can then continue with this process.

Personalise Premises

You can personalise the Name and Icon of the Premises. Whether you are registering this site yourself, or are invited to view by a friend, you can change how the site looks on your CONXTD Dashboard.


You can change the name by clicking and typing in place of the existing name (no need to delete the existing text, it will know it you don't want it!)


  • Click on one of the 3 pre-set icons (it will highlight to confirm your selection)
  • Upload your own Image or Icon by clicking on the plus button. If you are using a Smartphone, images will be drawn from your Camera Roll or Image Folder. If you logged in on an internet browser, you can select a file from your computer's hard drive.

User level

This cannot be edited. It confirms what level of access you have for that premises. See more on user levels

Click Save changes

You will then be taken to your CONXTD Dashboard, where you can start using CONXTD!

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